What is PKFARE?

PKFARE is an innovative global travel trade marketplace offering air tickets, hospitality and destination products.

PKFARE aggregates real time big data from over 600 airlines, 400,000 hotel properties, and 20 DMCs, covering over 100 countries and regions

How can I access PKFARE?

Registered users can access PKFARE by clicking the link - https://www.pkfare.com and providing the User Name and Password

How do I register for PKFARE?

You may register online by clicking the link - https://www.pkfare.com/p/sign/signup. We will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your registration.

What if I forget my password?

On the login page https://www.pkfare.com , please click the link ‘Forgot password’ which presents a form to furnish your email address associated with your account and the verification code. Click the ‘Send’ button to receive an email with a link to reset your MyFareBox password.

Does PKFARE have API solution?

Yes, we provide a whole process of API solution. Click the link http://open.pkfare.com/ to know more about PKFARE API.

Does PKFARE offer access to all major domestic and international airlines that my clients may demand?

Yes, you can book trips through PKFARE for your clients’ designated airlines and view the best fares available anywhere in the world where we have a fare source. We are working through the GDS and most major carriers participate in them. The list of POS is constantly growing.

How does PKFARE handle display of currencies?

PKFARE provides you display options for local currency and returns you fares in the currency you choose for ease of comparison.

How does PKFARE alert me if a change has occurred for a planned flight?

PKFARE reviews all suppliers PCC/OID’s twice daily monitoring status code and SSR remark queues and proactively sends an email message to the agent and/or general mail box of the agency.

How long does it take to get PKFARE API integrated and implemented?

Once agreements are signed and depending upon your IT team’s development pace. Normally we can have you operational in as little as two weeks!

How can I make the payment to PKFARE if I purchase contents from your portal or API?

PKFARE offers 3 payment schemes as below:
1) Online Instant Payment - you may use either online payment gateway like Paypal or the main credit card like visa, master, JCB, Amex to make payment for every order booked.
2) Prepayment / Top-up - you may make prepayment to your dedicated account and top-up when the balance is not enough for issuing tickets.
3) Deposit / Weekly Settlement - you may deposit at PKFARE account in exchange of credits for issuing tickets. PKFARE will send weekly reconciliation report from Monday - Sunday as a payment cycle on the next Monday and you may wire transfer the equal amount of money after confirmation.

Does PKFARE provide ticket issue/reissue/revalidate/refund/void services to agencies?

Yes. PKFARE provides multi-lingual 24/7 operation service to buyer partners.

How does PKFARE pay to suppliers?

PKFARE can pay to suppliers in the preferred settlement cycle and payment scheme according to local BSP/ARC to avoid any financial risk for suppliers.For cash payment, normally PKFARE follows the weekly settlement cycle, which is Monday to Sunday, and pays no later than the second business day when the invoice / reconciliation report is confirmed. Due to various banks’ processing time and time zone differences, the payment may reach to suppliers’ accounts in 1-3 business days.For credit card payment, PKFARE could use corporate credit card to make instant payment for every ticket issued.

What are the qualifications to become a PKFARE ticketing partner?

To become a PKFARE ticketing partner, you should have:
1) IATA certificate
2) GDS API interface
3) Competitive local & International fares
4) Auto ticketing permitted is preferred
Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to sign up as our global ticketing partner.

Can PKFARE hold the booking for clients?

Normally PKFARE hold the bookings for clients for up to 1 hour, bookings expired 1 hour will be cancelled automatically. Clients could contact PKFARE operation center to hold the bookings for a longer term, but the validation of the booking as well as the quotation is subject to airlines.

Email: [email protected]